Watch This New Kenzo Film If You Really, Really Love Orange Juice

If you gulp down a glass of orange juice before or after getting dressed every morning, this new short film, Untitled (Juice), is for you. As a part of Kenzo’s new fashion film series “Season Zero,” the French director Baptist Penetticobra decided to capture spoken-word poets going off about how much they love the breakfast beverage.

“Put it in the gas-station pumps, public-water systems, aboveground pools, Brita pitchers,” suggests one performer. “Open a water park, but put juice on the slides.”

“When I die, I’m gonna come back as the Minute Maid machine,” says another. “Sitting on a shelf, always cold, contemplating society.”

Of course, the film is about much more than orange juice — and fashion, for that matter. We’re just happy to see the former finally getting some respect.

Watch This New Kenzo Film If You Really Love Orange Juice