According to KimYe, Jazz Shoes Are Cool Now

Kanye West is pivoting to jazz!

On Wednesday night, his wife Kim Kardashian revealed the new Yeezy Mud Rat 500s on Instagram. And if you’ve ever taken a dance class or tried out for cheerleading, you know these sneakers bear an uncanny resemblance to jazz shoes, or what Capezio ingeniously calls “Dansneakers.”

“I remember wearing these when I was eight-years-old,” wrote one commenter.

“These look exactly like my cheerleading shoes from 1996,” said another on Twitter.

Maybe Kanye was feeling inspired after watching La La Land. Or maybe Kim was nostalgic for her childhood dance recital days. Either way, these new Yeezys have us doing *jazz hands.*

Capezio Dansneakers.
According to KimYe, Jazz Shoes Are Cool Now