Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of November 13

Photo-Illustration: The Push Pose

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The moon will wane all week until Saturday’s new moon in Scorpio. As the moon’s light grows thinner overhead, you might feel yourself turning inward. What power can you feel inside yourself? If the moon won’t light your way through the dark, how will you guide your own way forward from here?

Aries: You might think you know where you’ve been called to, and you might think you know how you’ll get there, and maybe you’re right — but it’s important that you leave yourself space to be wrong, just in case. Give yourself room to be dazzled or distracted or changed. This week, your desires can teach you things your intellect can’t, so pay attention to your hunger.

Taurus: You’re allowed to push back against the pressure to sand your emotions down, to twist all your hope and your rage into some small, neat shape. Your job is only to show up and try. The struggle doesn’t have to invigorate you. It doesn’t have to taste like sugar. You can feel good or you can feel bad and the work will go on.

Gemini: Even for you, it can sometimes be hard not to fear your own contradictions. It can be hard to embrace your tangles, your inconsistencies, your rich and resounding music. You’ll be told to pick a single path, but you don’t have to. The world gives you feelings at once so fiery and so tender, so unruly and so soft, and you can hold them all at once. You’re wild and you’re weird and you’re tender, too.

Cancer: You might find yourself feeling frantic this week, reaching for ways to control time, to slow it down. But it will keep going forward, and while you can’t change the way it moves, it is possible to feel less afraid. Think about how many lives have come before yours. Think about all the trees that have grown tall, all the times the seas have risen and fallen with the tides.

Leo: This week, you can rediscover kinds of motion you thought had been lost to you. You can reclaim modes of feeling that you thought had faded away. You can remember how you used to know the world, how dreams used to sharpen your nights, how desire used to feel on your skin. It’s all still available to you, if you need it again.

Virgo: Your inner world is so lush and weird and dense with feeling, but it’s good, sometimes, to remember the outer world too. Sometimes there’s some relief in forgetting the world outside, but this might be a time for locating yourself in space again. This week, remember to speak your thoughts out loud to see how they sound in the air, out in the world with other people.

Libra: Even the worst feeling there is, can sometimes turn itself inside out. Even the bleakest day can reverse itself, can crack open, can relent. It feels sudden when it happens, almost like magic, but don’t forget how hard you’ve been working, all along. You’ve been moving through the world and letting the world move through you. This is your reward.

Scorpio: Sometimes it feels like nobody can really see the tenderness in your wild fervent love for the world. This can make it hard to live in a world as harsh as this one. It’s easy to feel like you have to keep strengthening your defenses, but it’s an exhausting way to live, and when it feels like too much, remind yourself that your softness isn’t a weakness to be fixed. It’s a strange treasure.

Sagittarius: Sometimes, it can feel like your energy is all wrong. Sometimes, even the bright expansive powers of your mind can feel stubbornly small and deficient. On a bad day, it’s easy to imagine that the problem is something deep inside you, but this week, let yourself know that’s wrong. When your energy won’t flow in the direction you think it should, pay attention to where it is going.

Capricorn: Your sharp mind can surprise you, this week, with the links and connections it makes. Your sharp heart can surprise you with all the bonds you feel with the world. Here you’ve been feeling so alone, the only person on this whole earth like you, the only person who feels so strongly, so weirdly, so well. Watch, this week, as connections and closeness bloom all around.

Aquarius: If you trusted your energy this week, if you really let all your curiosity guide you, where could you end up? You’ve traveled so far already, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop here. If you need a rest you can take a rest, of course — you don’t need to make things harder for yourself, don’t need to carry rocks in your bag just to feel your own muscles strain. Still, this is a week for not letting up until you’re ready.

Pisces: This week, watch for the ways power moves in your life. Watch how it moves above you and below you. Listen to the stories it tells. There’s power that sings sweetly and power that hums like a machine, and there’s power that lives inside you, too. It doesn’t all have to be bad, and it doesn’t all have to be good. How will you use the tools you’ve been given? Hope doesn’t only thrive in the places you think it will.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of November 13