Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of November 20

Photo-Illustration: The Push Pose

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Tomorrow is the start of Sagittarius season. There’s color in the sky, and there’s movement on the ground. Not everything is getting better, but some things might be.

Aries: When the evenings come early and the sun sets fast, it gets hard to remember that kindness still exists in the world. When you’re trapped in your own hours, it’s easy to forget there are still other people in the world. Try to operate under the assumption that you aren’t alone, and if the world feels too dark, your own acts of generosity can bring you back to life.

Taurus: This week, you might find yourself regaining your sense of forward motion. It’s good, after time spent down in your deepest feelings, after sitting with the full intensity of your desires, to come up for air again. You can survey the wild expanses all around you, and you can remember the sweetness of movement.

Gemini: This week, all the world’s motion might feel more messy than is comfortable. Your own ideas might feel more muddled or tangled than you can bear. And even when it feels impassable, even when it feels unending, this confusion isn’t a permanent state. You’re so sensitive to all the moods and pressures around you, and when you need it, you’ll find clarity again.

Cancer: It’s taken so much time and so much courage to make it to the place you live today. You’ve journeyed through wilderness, through caves and forests and swamps, just to make it to this place where you can rest, where you can feel yourself soften. This life is yours, and it didn’t spring up on its own, and it’s precious. It’s okay to defend the home you’ve built for yourself.

Leo: Your mind is sharp and clear, and you think about the world with boldness and rigor and love. And even for someone as clear-headed as you are, the things you know can turn out to be wrong sometimes, and this is a kind of freedom, too. If you feel your foundations being shaken, this week, it doesn’t have to pose a threat to you. Being surprised isn’t a sign of weakness.

Virgo: There’s a doorway to a strange place with an unmapped terrain, and you don’t have to step through it unless you want to. You don’t have to change the whole world with your love, just because you’ve been asked to. Generosity alters so much, but all your softness, all your magic, all your blue and golden strangeness, are yours to give and yours to keep.

Libra: Your thoughts don’t need to stay orderly this week, and your feelings don’t either. Sometimes an emotion expands past your ability to understand it, and sometimes an idea grows so large you can’t see the whole thing at once. If you’ve been feeling haunted, this week, you can try letting the ghost speak.

Scorpio: The nights keep growing shorter, but there’s still enough light to see by. If optimism feels like too much to ask for right now, then remind yourself that there is still a future, and we don’t yet know what it looks like. The world isn’t ending after today, and if you can’t make it perfect, how can you make it bigger? How can you make it stranger?

Sagittarius: Even for a person as courageous as you are, it can still be terrifying to speak a desire out loud, even into the ear of just one other person. Even for someone who’s traveled through the dark woods, even for someone who’s moved through fire, it can still feel like an unbearable vulnerability to want anything at all. You know what you’re seeking, and you can speak its name. You’re on the path forward, and nothing, no delay or denial, can shake you out of yourself.

Capricorn: Sometimes it’s clear when you’re moving in the right direction — there’s an electric energy in your skin, and your voice feels clear and sharp, and your days feel smooth and liquid. Sometimes, the direction of your life is less clear. Maybe you can’t tell how far you’ve moved, or whether you’re moving at all. This week, try not to worry so much about reaching some faraway point on the horizon. Right here, there’s so much left to see.

Aquarius: If you feel anxiety this week, or if you feel joy, try to locate those feelings somewhere in your own body. Some fears you feel in your shoulders, and others you feel behind your eyes. If you don’t know what to do next, if you don’t know how to bear everything you feel, you body might guide you. Sometimes the answer is movement, and sometimes the answer is sleep, and sometimes the answer is another person’s touch.

Pisces: It’s easy to believe you’re working too slowly, as though your drive is a quiet and feeble thing. This week, remember the feeling inside you that glows and sparks. Remember the love that keeps pushing you to leave your own house and embrace the messy world. Your ambition doesn’t have to be greedy to hold its own wild energy. It doesn’t have to be noisy to change the whole world around you.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of November 20