Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of November 27

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On Friday, Venus moves into Sagittarius, bringing an unexpected sweetness. Then on Sunday, there’s a full moon in Gemini and Mercury goes retrograde. Maybe the full moon will bring some new lightness to your thoughts. Maybe Mercury will allow you to change your mind.

Aries: You might get so much attention for the bright and the sparkling parts of yourself — for the ways you’re funny or brilliant or sharp. Just remind yourself that you don’t have to keep proving your worth in the world, over and over again. You’re allowed to wander alone through your afternoons, not sharing your quiet wisdom with anyone but yourself.

Taurus: Your days might feel too hazy, too messy for your comfort — like you’ve been given all the tools but no instructions; like you’ve been given all the clues, but they still won’t fit together. Even dreams can feel limiting without a way to write them down, without someone to tell them to. This week, when the answers don’t come and you don’t know how to find them, it’s okay to ask for help.

Gemini: This is a week for giving your past selves credit for doing what they could. You’re younger than the mountains, and you’re smaller than the sea. You can forgive yourself for the moments your courage hasn’t been enough. You can forgive yourself for not already knowing more than you know.

Cancer: When the grand reds and golds of fall are gone, the world doesn’t actually lose all its color, but you might have to pay closer attention. There are delicate pinks in the morning. There are careful green leaves. Maybe you have a vision for the future that you carry somewhere deep inside, but this week, try not to rush or worry. The timeline is never exactly what you think,

Leo: There are people in the world who would have you clean up all your expansive messiness. There are people who’d make you into an entirely different person, if they could. You have to live in this world with other people, and you do have to do your laundry sometimes, but there are other qualities worth valuing, even if they don’t make your life easier.

Virgo: Your attention doesn’t have to stay focused all the time. Your feelings don’t all have to point in the same direction, and they don’t have to be legible on your body or your face. Birds migrate south, and they migrate north again, and sometimes they just sit in the trees singing. You’re traveling on some kind of path, but this doesn’t mean your feelings have to march in a straight line forever.

Libra: You can experience the world with your thoughts, and you can experience the world with your love, and you can experience the world with your body, too. If you start to feel lost this week, try to move into a different mode of feeling. When your moods spin wild, you can remember the abundance and clarity of your thoughts. When your thoughts stop offering what you need, you can touch the rough earth with your bare hand.

Scorpio: Even after all this time, it’s possible to untangle some of your bad feelings about yourself, and let them go. Even now, it’s possible to hate yourself less and less. You aren’t required to have always been nothing but good. You’re doing the hard work of living every day, and this can be enough.

Sagittarius: When there’s a feeling that scratches inside you, what will you do with it? When you’re haunted by the gaps in your own stories, will you keep telling them anyway? This week, you can be guided by the raw blazing power of your honesty. You can speak the truth to others. You can voice your disagreements or your doubts or your wildest unknowable visions.

Capricorn: It’s so easy to imagine that the only way to do good in the world is to sacrifice, that the only way to live honorably is to lift heavier and heavier burdens until you can hardly move. Sometimes this does make you stronger, but this week, remember it’s not the only way. Somewhere, there’s a warm quiet room where you can rest.

Aquarius: This week, try not to worry so much about making good, productive use of your time. Time isn’t limitless — it’s precious as water, as vital as light — but you don’t have to treat it as an object that must prove its value. Every moment that passes has something to show you, even if you don’t see the purpose right away.

Pisces: What kind of warmth does your body need? What kind of softness does your soft heart long for? There’s sometimes an impulse to be cold and clean and precise in all your movements, but this week, you don’t have to be. You can give yourself permission not to make sense. You can give yourself permission to feel curiosity without a purpose, without end. It’s okay if you just need small moments of sweetness with the people you love.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of November 27