Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of November 6

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Tomorrow, Venus moves into Scorpio, and you might feel your love change shape. You might feel pulled to intimacy, or drawn to strange emotional depths. How will you move through emotional currents that are suddenly so fast and strong?

Aries: This week, you may be called to look behind you. This doesn’t mean you have to drive yourself wild with nostalgia or regret or desire for a beautiful past. Every moment of the present feels fraught and tense and loaded, but sometimes the answers you need can only be found if you turn around. The past has gifts to share, visions or lessons or some kind of sweet, surprising relief.

Taurus: Something very soft inside you, something small and gold, might feel too exposed this week. Or else the weather might just feel too powerful, like the wind can blow through the walls, like the moonlight can shine straight through your closed eyes. There’s so much happening this week, so much motion out in the world, and it’s okay if you need to retreat for a moment.

Gemini: You know already that you hold surprises inside you. You already know that there are parts of you that often go unseen — your rage or your passion or your courage, strange and hard as a diamond. And there’s pain, sometimes, in not being known fully. There’s heartbreak in having the lush green wilderness inside you go unrecognized. But still, you can love the hidden parts of yourself.

Cancer: Your anger keeps changing, so fluid and fast it’s hard even for you to keep up with it. Your love keeps switching direction, moving along fast and bending paths, strange and crooked and sweet. Remember, you don’t have to be respectable or decipherable or correct. Perfect harmony is too much to ask of yourself, when you hold all this weirdness and magic and light.

Leo: This is a week for using different tools from the ones you usually reach for; for singing different songs from the ones that usually run through your head; for using different words from the ones that spring to your lips. It’s not that you need to abandon the ways you already know, just that there’s space to see the world new. If you can’t understand the world through the words it speaks, you can listen to its music.

Virgo: When you feel the biggest, wildest, joy, sometimes this is when you start to wonder — what if your feelings are too sharp? What if they’re too free? There’s a sense that too much emotion could expose you and leave your whirling thoughts open to anyone — or else that it could swing out of control and harm the person next to you. But this week, try not to be afraid of your own intensity.

Libra: This is a week to think about endings, and about edges, and about all the memories your body carries. This is a week to think about motion and distances, to think about how far you still are from the end. It’s scary to think about time — like there’s always too much, or always too little, or it’s all floating steadily away from you. But there’s a freedom here, too. Time keeps moving, and so can you.

Scorpio: Just because your desire is dense and wild and potent, that doesn’t mean you know where it leads. Sometimes, the challenge is to find something good enough that it’s worth wanting. Sometimes, when your heart beats so fast and so pure, it can feel like nothing on this whole earth could ever be sweet enough to deserve your wild feelings. Keep trying anyway.

Sagittarius: You might start to doubt the way you live your own life, this week. You might start to doubt the rhythm of your steps on the pavement, or the sound of your voice in your throat, or the secret vision of your dreams, all silver and blue. It’s a good and brave thing to ask difficult questions of yourself — just don’t demand your feelings start speaking the language of logic.

Capricorn: If you’ve felt like you’re floating, if you’ve felt like your thoughts keep flying off in every direction, this week can focus you again. The conversations you have, or the songs that surround you, or the light of the waning moon, can all bring you back to your body. They can anchor you to the world you live in. It’s not a bad thing, not a trap, not a swamp you might get stuck in. The colors are rich here, and your voice is clear.

Aquarius: You know how to get what you want, already — how to focus, how to try, how to work and dream until a good thing becomes real. The stranger, more difficult problem is knowing what you want at all. There are so many things worth wanting, so many projects and futures and different loves. But don’t forget: You can always just leave your house and choose a direction and start moving.

Pisces: Your mind is quick and sharp and strange, and it can map the places you see. It can cut through all the noise, to see the truth clearly. But even this sparkling understanding won’t stop all the feelings racing through your body, won’t smooth out all your rage or calm your desire. You don’t have to think your body into clarity. Your feelings are still allowed to exist outside sense, outside meaning.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of November 6