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Maybe Don’t Use Presidential Diplomacy Trips to Pick Up Ladies

Donald Trump in Vietnam. Photo: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

Three Army noncommissioned officers are being reassigned from their jobs with the White House Communications Agency due to allegations that they broke curfew and had “improper contact with foreign women” while traveling with Donald Trump on his recent trip to Vietnam, the Washington Post reports.

A Pentagon spokesperson confirmed the Defense Department is investigating the incident. If found guilty, the officers could lose their security clearances or be court-martialed.

The White House Communications Agency, which provides secure communication channels for the president, vice-president, and other senior government officials, lost four other soldiers in August, after security footage showed them escorting women into secured and restricted areas of their hotel ahead of Vice-President Pence’s trip to Panama.

While they seem to be disproportionately affected, White House communications officers are not the only ones who get all riled up on presidential trips. Following President Obama’s trip to Panama in 2012, eight Secret Service agents were fired for allegedly bringing women back from a strip club to their hotel rooms, and in May, President Trump seemed absolutely enraptured by a particularly beguiling orb in Saudi Arabia, though no wrongdoing was found in that case.

Maybe Don’t Use Presidential Trips to Pick Up Ladies