Young Pakistani Woman Accidentally Kills 17 in Attempt to Murder Husband

Aasia Bibi. Photo: Iram Asim/AP

In September, a young Pakistani woman named Aasia Bibi was forced into an arranged marriage with a relative against her will and was refused a divorce. The 21-year-old then took matters into her own hands, which resulted in the deaths of 17 people.

According to the Associated Press, Bibi’s boyfriend — a man named Shahid Lashari whom she continued to see after her wedding — gave her a poisonous substance. She mixed it with her husband’s milk, but he didn’t drink it; her husband’s mother then used that milk to make a yogurt drink that was served to 27 family members. 17 of them died, while 10 are still in the hospital.

Both Bibi and Lashari remain in police custody.

Pakistani Woman Tries to Kill Husband, Accidentally Kills 17