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This Plane Made an Emergency Landing After a Passenger Learned Her Husband Was Cheating

Photo: REMY GABALDA/AFP/Getty Images

Some couples spend their entire relationships dreaming of an Eat, Pray, Love–like trip to Bali complete with Indonesian temples and sacred monkeys. But one Iranian couple had that vision cut short this weekend.

On a flight from Doha to Bali, a female passenger reached over and took her husband’s phone as he slept. Ingeniously, the woman pressed her partner’s unconscious finger to the phone and unlocked the device. But when she opened the phone, she learned her husband was cheating on her.

The woman, who was already “a few drinks down by then,” according to the Times of India, apparently caused such a “ruckus” and “misbehaved so badly with crew members” that the pilot called for an emergency landing.

The plane was diverted to the Indian city of Chennai, where the couple was forced to disembark with their child, who was traveling with them.

According to reports, “once the lady got a little sober,” the family was put on a flight and sent back to Doha. They’ll apparently have to see the monkeys another time.

Plane Diverted After Woman Learns Her Husband Is Cheating