Pope Francis Tells Everyone to Chill Out With the Cell-Phone Pics During Mass

Pope Francis. Photo: Franco Origlia/Getty Images

If you’ve been to a concert recently, you know too many people in the audience have an annoying habit of holding up their cell phones to take photos and video instead of actually watching the show. Now, this trend has seeped into another, slightly more unexpected arena: Catholic Mass.

It’s apparently become enough of a problem that Pope Francis himself had to disavow it during his weekly audience in St. Peter’s Square.

According to Reuters, he joked “The priest says ‘lift up your hearts’. He does not say, ‘lift up your cell phones to take pictures.’”

But really guys, he’s not into it. “It makes me very sad when I celebrate (Mass) here in the piazza or in the basilica and I see so many cell phones held up. Not only by the faithful, but also by some priests and even bishops!” he continued. “The Mass is not a show … so remember, no cell phones!”

Hear that? Your cell phone usage is bumming out Pope Francis when he’s just trying to jam/recite the Lord’s Prayer.

Pope Francis Tells Everyone to Stop Taking Pics at Mass