Sarah Sanders Gets Mocked for Making Pecan Pie That Looks Like a Stock Image

Pecan pie.
Pecan pie that is not Sanders’s. Photo: Portland Press Herald/Press Herald via Getty Images

Sarah Huckabee Sanders may not be doing much home cooking these days, but Thanksgiving afternoon, she proved she’s still capable of banging out a chocolate pecan pie that bears a curious resemblance to a stock image. After she shared the photo on Thursday, the internet couldn’t shake the suspicion: Did Sanders just tweet a stock photo of a pecan pie?

Sanders, who is being simultaneously mocked for comparing her life to an episode of The West Wing in a separate tweet, was instantly teased.

The response that gained the most traction came from White House correspondent April Ryan, who challenged Sanders to show a photo of the pie on her dinner table.

It was the tweet that provoked Sanders enough to fire back a tweet with the hashtags #RealPie and #FakeNews. Zing!

A source close to the Sanders and Huckabee families confirmed to Fox that the pie existed, but Ryan, refusing to give up the fight, told Sanders that she would need to see her bake the pie and put it on a table to believe it. Despite the photo’s resemblance to a stock image, it does appear that the pie was real — Sanders prefers to lie about the actual news.

Sarah Sanders Gets Mocked for Pie That Resembles Stock Photo