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The Trendiest Way to Avoid Wearing Heels

Cheap and Cheerful is a weekly column that highlights the chicest inexpensive finds. Because nothing’s more satisfying than looking good while spending less.

Loafers are such a great, easy styling tool — more interesting than ballet flats, more polished than sneakers, and, of course, more comfortable than heels. Gucci’s classic horse-bit loafers have been the go-to choice for the street-style folk, but there are plenty of options available even if you’re not quite ready to drop $730 on a pair of shoes you’ll have to baby for life. From preppy classics to trendy metallic pairs, scroll below to check out the Cut’s favorites that are all $150 and under.

The Crazy-Affordable Find

Movement Loafers
Photo: Brown, Indya
Movement Loafers

Not only are these very similar to Gucci’s classic pair, but they’re also constructed out of genuine leather and come in wide fit as well.

If You Like Fancy Details

Kreme Ring Loafers

The circular hardware feels unexpected, elevated, and retro all at the same time.

The Pink Pair

Metallic Leather Loafers

Wear these instead of painful stilettos to your next office party.

The Vegan Option

London Rebel Velvet Loafers
Photo: Brown, Indya
London Rebel Velvet Loafers

If you’re voluntarily choosing to step away from leather, try velvet instead. The cleated sole also feels edgier than the rest.

For the Gucci Obsessive

Mango Applique Loafers

Gucci fans will notice the inspiration behind these very quickly: they’re reminiscent of the brand’s over-the-top pearl-embellished loafers (see above), but roughly one-tenth of their cost.

The Trendy Pair

Matiko Leslie Metallic Loafers

Metallic loafers are easier to wear than you might expect — just stick to a neutral palette elsewhere.

The Two-in-One Loafers

Jeffrey Campbel Triumph Loafers

Wear the back folded down on warmer days for a muled effect, or leave it up when you want a fully enclosed loafer.

The Festive Ones

Metallic Loafers

The color of the season goes metallic.

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The Trendiest Way to Avoid Wearing Heels