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Hey, Jessica: Are You Having a Baby Next Year?

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Here is a ridiculous premise from a U.K. publication: “Women with these names are ‘most likely to get pregnant in 2018’… so is YOURS on the list?” Haha, what blatant and gross clickbait! But … you want to know, don’t you?

First, let’s unpack what went on here. According to the Sun, this “research” was performed by Closer Magazine, which took the average age of first-time mothers in the U.K. (28.5), subtracted 28 from 2018, and looked up the most-popular female names for 1990. Emma leads the pack of women who will be 28 next year, who may or may not have a baby. So this means that of the women who will also become moms in 2018 the most-popular name is … still Emma.

This is silly, but also kind of fun? Now let’s do some research of our own. As in the U.K., the average age of a first-time mother in the U.S. is 28. We already know that 2018 minus 28 is 1990. All we need to do is turn to the Official Social Security Website to find out the top-20 female names for 1990. Is yours among them? (Mine is. Gulp!)

1. Jessica
2. Ashley
3. Brittany
4. Amanda
5. Samantha
6. Sarah
7. Stephanie
8. Jennifer
9. Elizabeth
10. Lauren
11. Megan
12. Emily
13. Nicole
14. Kayla
15. Amber
16. Rachel
17. Courtney
18. Danielle
19. Heather
20. Melissa

Jessica, Ashley, Brittany … anything to tell us?

Hey, Jessica: Are You Having a Baby Next Year?