After Shelving Polaroid and The Current War, the Weinstein Company Has No Further 2017 Releases

The horror movie Polaroid and the period drama The Current War — both produced by the Weinstein Company — were supposed to be released in November, but now they won’t see premieres until 2018. The future of TWC is unclear as the gigantic mess around Harvey Weinstein — he has been accused of crimes such as sexual assault, harassment, and even rape by nearly 70 women — is sorted out by the company. Harvey Weinstein was voted out of his eponymous studio, and has since been kicked out of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and banned permanently from the Producers Guild of America, but some have called for the entire board of directors to be dissolved. As The Hollywood Reporter points out, high profile companies like Apple and Amazon have canceled planned partnerships with TWC. Current War star Benedict Cumberbatch has been among those in Hollywood who have condemned the actions of Weinstein, saying the rollout of revelations has left him “utterly disgusted.”

The Weinstein Company Shelves Its Final 2017 Movie Releases