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This Week in Drama: Clinton Kelly Blocked by Stacy London, Hannity Fans Boycott Keurig, and More

Clinton Kelly & Sean Hannity. Photo: Getty Images

Every week brings such an overwhelming onslaught of news, that sometimes the most entertaining bits can fall through the cracks. Here, we’ll recap the pettiest squabbles, juiciest feuds, and other niche drama you didn’t know you were living for.

Hannity Fans vs. Keurig

Last week, angry conservatives vowed to boycott Jim Beam after spokesperson Mila Kunis shared that she donates to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name. Since then, they’ve swiftly moved onto a new beverage to shun: K-Cup coffee. After Sean Hannity more or less defended Roy Moore — the Republican Senate candidate accused of pursuing and sexually assaulting underage girls — Keurig announced they were pulling ads from their show. Cue Hannity fans posting videos of themselves destroying Keurig machines. Guess now that they don’t have their bad pod coffee, they’ll just have to settle for just going to Starbucks and ordering with the name “Trump.”

Parents vs. Amazon

Moms and dads across the pond are upset over an Amazon ad airing in the U.K. that features a father hiding presents, claiming that it ruins the idea that Santa is real for their children. Santa, meanwhile, wishes he could just use Prime shipping himself.

Baby Jesus Sausagegate

There’s another installment of British holiday drama this week, this time caused by bakery chain Gregg’s. They decided to drum up some cheer by replacing the baby Jesus in a nativity scene with a bitten-into sausage roll.

People were angry, Gregg’s apologized, and we’re forced to ponder if it would’ve been better or worse with this little sausage baby.

Rat vs. Rat

No matter your species or potential for being a vector for disease, we’re all just trying to get by in this concrete jungle. Take, for example, these two subway rats, who are just trying to secure the best possible dinner for their families: a single french fry.

Some days you’re the rat, some days you’re the other rat, and some days you’re the french fry.

The What Not to Wear Twitter Beef

No friendship remains the same over time, not even when you’ve made a career together telling other people they look ugly. Clinton Kelly tweeted this week that his What Not to Wear co-host Stacy London had blocked him on Twitter.

Kelly elaborated later in the week on whatever The Chew is, but we’re still waiting with bated breath to hear Stacey’s side.

Donna Tartt vs. “Binky”

The novelist Donna Tartt is known for giving her characters whimsical names (Bunny Corcoran!), so it’s no surprise that up until this week her longtime literary agent was named Amanda “Binky” Urban. But after Urban was reportedly unable to secure a satisfactory deal for Tartt on the movie rights of her novel The Goldfinch, Tartt has dropped her like, say, a student at a small Vermont college drops a Greek Classics class (just a little Donna Tartt humor for ya).

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This Week in Drama: A What Not to Wear Twitter Beef & More