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This New Web Series Shows How 5 Women Are Reshaping the Political System

She’s the Ticket.

In the wake of Trump’s election, many women across the country were galvanized to take a more active role in the political system. Now, a new Topic web series called She’s the Ticket will chronicle the journeys of five women — Jennifer Carroll Foy, Christine Liu Chen, Crystal Murillo, Stacey Abrams, and Laura Moser — who are running for office in state and municipal races across the country. As the first episode points out, while women are more than 50 percent of the population, they comprise less than 25 percent of our elected officials. “We are the flame that will spark the fire for change,” says Jennifer Carroll Foy, who is running for a house delegate seat in Virginia. “If [Trump] can do it then I know I can do it.”

Watch the first two episodes exclusively below:

These 5 Women Are Reshaping the Political System