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A Smartwatch With Actual Style

As far as watches go, smartwatches will always be cool if you’re the type who needs the latest gadget. But the normally futuristic designs can become dated, especially when the next model releases. Leave it to Tory Burch to create a version that could be best described as classically stylish.

The brand is releasing a menswear-inspired smartwatch today that hooks up with your iPhone or Android phone. You can track your movement, water intake, and sleep. Plus it’ll play music, receive notifications, and (best of all) take photos from your wrist like a chic, preppy Bond villain. Bonus: it doesn’t need to be charged nightly.

The watch comes in four colors and materials, ranging from a navy and cream cloth band to a gold metal watch inspired by their best-selling Collins watch. Shop the styles below.

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A Smartwatch With Actual Style