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Watch Cardi B Straighten Her Hair With a Regular Ol’ Clothing Iron

Cardi B, a genius. Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for TIDAL

Where you might see a simple Black + Decker iron meant for fabrics, Cardi B, an intellectual, sees opportunity. The newly engaged singer was confronted with an all too familiar scenario Tuesday night: she was traveling and forgot to pack a flatiron to straighten her hair. So Cardi and her makeup artist Jazzmin Jordan reached for the next best tool: a regular clothing iron, of course.

The two catalogued the whole ordeal on Instagram. There, Jordan tenderly grazed Cardi B’s wig with an iron hopefully adjusted to the silk setting. The MacGyver move seemed to work, and both women completed the task unscathed. In the words of Cardi B: slick.

Watch Cardi B Straighten Her Hair With a Clothing Iron