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These Women Say They’re Being Stalked by Drones at Night

Photo: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

No matter how many companies use them for fun delivery stunts, drones still have the capacity to do very real harm — from the civilian causalities in the U.S.’s horrific drone war to the invasion of personal privacy. The latter concern came to light this week, as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports that several women in a rural part of the country say they’re being repeatedly stalked by a drone at their windows at night.

The women, who all live in Port Lincoln. chose to remain anonymous when they shared their harrowing tales. Per ABC, one “was woken by a bang on her bedroom window and when she looked out into the darkness was confronted by a camera attached to a drone, hovering within centimeters of her window.”

Since the drone, or drones, started appearing, a couple of these women say they don’t shower at night anymore lest they get filmed. “You’ll hear a noise and even if it’s not a drone you just get paranoid,” one said, while another shared that “it’s got the point where I now sleep with a large wooden bat in my bed.”

While police currently say that drones can’t be flown within 30 meters of other people, and never at night, that currently isn’t stopping the person or people behind this.

These Women Say They’re Being Stalked by Drones at Night