Women Win Slap-Fight Against Attempted Robber

The encounter. Photo: Washington Metropolitan Police Dept

Avengers? Keep ‘em. Justice League? Who cares. Fantastic Four? Pssssh. The only superhero team I’m interested in is these four women who successfully fought off a robber using their open palms and a roll of aluminum foil.

According to the Washington Post, the women were working at Tony’s Restaurant in Washington, D.C., on the morning of November 7, when an opportunistic robber lunged across the counter to grab the open cash register. His lazy, poorly planned attack was thwarted however, by manager Justine Choe, who held tight to the register, and her three co-workers who quickly descended on the man.

Sandra Andino heard the scuffle and began smacking the robber with her open palm (“That’s the first thing that came to my mind,” she later explained), and Choe’s sister, Kay Aimes, began hitting the man’s head with her fist.

“It was like the mother bear in me coming out,” Aimes said.

Then, 56-year-old Kelly Shar Khuu hopped into the fray with a roll of aluminum foil that she used to hit the robber on the head telling the Post: “All the ladies were hitting him. I got the aluminum foil.”

Finally, outnumbered and overpowered, the thief made his escape, running away with a little less than $30 in cash. When the cops came soon after, they urged the women to shut down the restaurant for the day but, like the heroes they are, the women kept it open. Choe said she took a moment to wash the blood off her hands before going to take orders from the line of people that had gathered outside.

Where’s their multi-billion dollar summer blockbuster, Marvel? Watch the full video below.

Women Win Slap-Fight Against Attempted Robber