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Your Guide to Gorgeous New Year’s Eve Hair

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So you’re going out on New Year’s Eve. Brave choice! Now’s the time to make a decision about your hair. It’s too late to book a salon appointment, but not too late to buy some festive accessories and do it yourself. Here are 17 New Year’s Eve hairstyles that are easy enough to master at home.

The Easiest Option

Secure a ribbon clip above a low bun and boom! You’re done.

A Hair Knot You’ll Actually Want

Tie two French braids together in knot at the nape of your neck. Tie a second knot two inches below the first knot and secure the ends with an elastic band.

For Hair That Does All of the Talking

Under a high bun, clip a few letter pins together to tell everyone how you really feel.

The Edgy Look

Draw a side part and clip a funky barrette just above your ear on the side with less hair. Pick a color that deeply contrasts your hair shade for maximum impact.

When You Only Have Hairpins Around

Make a pin-patch! Apply one patch (which is seven pins) on one side of your hair, or line your hairline with four patches for an avant-garde headband.

A Style for the Commitment-phobe

Attach bangs for hair that’s ready in a literal snap.

A Headband for Grownups

Curly, straight, long, or short: Headbands are a classic style that suits all hair. The velvet material in this Jennifer Behr version feels particularly adult. Just make sure to leave an inch or so of hair in front of the band for a chic execution.

A Voluminous Ponytail

Divide your hair horizontally in two even sections. Tie the top section in a ponytail at the crown of your head. Tie the bottom section in a ponytail directly underneath the first ponytail; the two ponies fake fuller, more voluminous hair.

An Elevated Part

Create a deep side part, but don’t stop there: Using the side part as a starting point, braid one cornrow down the part and stop when you reach the crown of your head.

The Elegant Yet Easy Look

Draw a side part and pull your hair into a low bun. Using a brush with stiff bristles, brush hair until it is smooth and flat. Spread a dime-size amount of gel onto the top of your hair to prevent stray strands from sticking out.

Ponytail 2.0

So you want more than just a ponytail? Wrap several inches of string (any string) around your ponytail to give the style a slightly futuristic feel.

Show Some Hair Jewelry

Even if you don’t have a full head of dreadlocks like Sasha Lane does, you can still make this look your own. Frame your face with two thin braids or twists. Snap metal cuffs around the braids, allowing about an inch of space in between each cuff.

Turn a Bad Hair Day Into a Good One

With a hat! It’s the oldest trick in the book, but a beret somehow makes it feel new again.

Throw on a Scarf

Like the “bad hair day” option above, but slightly more whimsical. Follow Rihanna’s lead with a pretty print.

The Dignified Lady Option

Gather hair into a low ponytail and then randomly add pearl pins to the back. It looks complicated but takes minimal effort.

The Hair You’ll Want to Kirakira

Carefully place bits of gold leaf in your hair part. Spritz the part with hairspray to ensure the pieces will last the night.

For Serious Party Hair

Toss on a wig in a wild color. These things aren’t just for Halloween, you know.

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Here Are 17 Gorgeous Hair Ideas for New Year’s Eve