Fight Reportedly Breaks Out at Alice + Olivia Sample Sale Over Leather Jacket

Photo: Elke Hesser/Getty Images

Sample sales are ripe for drama. The stakes are high; people are sweating and taking their clothes off; money is flying everywhere. On Tuesday at the Alice + Olivia sample sale, a fight allegedly broke out between two women over the same leather jacket.

“One woman scratched another woman’s face,” a shopper told “Page Six” of the incident. A police report was reportedly filed.

According to the innocent bystander, the woman who was clawed “iced her face for 30 minutes and then resumed shopping!” What a trooper.

“Page Six” could not ascertain who ended up with the coveted leather jacket, but seeing that similar Alice + Olivia pieces go for over $1,000, we hope someone got to slash that price.

Fight Breaks Out at Alice + Olivia Sample Sale