Ann Coulter Lives an Empty Life of Quiet Desperation (Her Words)

Ann Coulter. Photo: John Sciulli/Getty Images for Politicon

Ann Coulter has tweeted over 30,000 times. Most of those tweets consist of her promoting her right-wing agenda, some involve her yelling at Delta, and at least one features a beagle playing the piano. There’s also the one where the controversial conservative pundit went full Twitter sad girl.

Coulter, unhappy with Senator Marco Rubio’s desire to expand child tax credits in the Republicans’ tax plan, made her displeasure known on Friday — and, in doing so, sent out a bleak self-own.

“We singles live empty lives of quiet desperation and will die alone,” she wrote. “Now Rubio is demanding that we also fund happy families with children who fill their days with joy.”


Ann Coulter Lives Empty Life of Desperation (Her Words)