a year in weird news

The Year in Journalists’ Facial Expressions

April Ryan.

This past year sure was … a year. Full of reality-TV politics, endless sexual-assault and harassment allegations, natural disasters, tragic gun violence, weirdly happy pop stars, UFOs probably, and, oh yeah, this guy, the only adequate reactions to the tear-stained graphic T-shirt that was 2017 seem to have come from the very journalists covering its insane news.

From epic eye rolls to looks of appropriate shock, here are the best reporter reactions that sum up the past year.

Washington Post reporter Ashley Parker’s reaction to a classic Sean Spicer screw-up (about Hitler):

American Urban Radio Networks reporter April Ryan also joined Parker on her Spicer journey:

Ryan had another great reaction to Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s comments about Donald Trump’s lewd Kirsten Gillibrand tweet:

And who could forget CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s perfect Kellyanne Conway eye roll?:

There was also the time CNN’s Jake Tapper had to explain things to Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore’s spokesman:

NPR’s Mara Liasson also had an appropriate reaction to a Sean Spicer press briefing:

But perhaps the best way to end the year is with ABC’s Robin Roberts’ saying “Bye Felicia” about White House drama:

The Year in Journalists’ Facial Expressions