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Dior's "We Should All Be Feminists" Tee

Rihanna posted an Instagram of herself in this $710 Dior t-shirt the day after the Women's March. 

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The Wing "Girls Doing Whatever the Fuck They Want In 2017" Tee

The Wing raised a total investment of $42 million this year and opened another location in Soho. (, $40.) 

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Gucci Vintage Logo Tee

This vintage-style T-shirt became an instant street style hit after it debuted on the Resort 2017 runway. (, $590.)

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Raf Simons "Any Way Out of This Nightmare?" Tee

Welcome to America, Raf Simons. (, $265.)

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Supreme x Louis Vuitton

This collaboration marked a major turning point for the cult streetwear brand, which sold a stake in its company for a reported $1 billion dollars this year.

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Yeezy Season 5 Tee

Kanye West's "Calabasas casual" redefined athleisure this year. (, sold out.)

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Migos "T-Shirt" Tee

Migos did it for the culture in 2017. They even had a single called "T-Shirt." (, $32.)

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Lil Uzi Vert "All My Friends" Are Dead Tee

Lil Uzi Vert unexpectedly released LUV Is Rage 2 on Soundcloud this year, and it quickly became the most-streamed album on the platform. His single, "XO Tour Llif3," (from which this lyric is pulled) was also the most streamed single this year. (, $30.) 

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Victoria Beckham's "Fashion Stole My Smile" Tee

Photo: starzfly/Bauer-Griffin

Victoria Beckham finally answers the question we've all had for years. (, $150.) 

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Emily Ratajkowski "Feminist AF" Tee

Emily Ratajkowski had a lot of thoughts about feminism this year. (, $18.)

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Kendrick Lamar "Damn" Merch

According to Billboard, Kendrick Lamar's album was number-one of the year. Damn, indeed. (, $35.)

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The Met x Comme des Garçons Tee

This might be the most fashionable museum merch, ever? (, $65.) 

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Habitat x Twin Peaks "Audrey Smoke Break" Tee

Twin Peaks made a comeback this year, but nothing topped the original looks. (, $30.)

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Lena Dunham's "Dance Like Russia Isn't Watching" Tee

It was quite a year in Lena Dunham Saying Things. This was perhaps the least controversial. (, $24.) 

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Online Ceramics "Prepared to Die" Tee

This one-of-a-kind T-shirt is dark, but in a cool way. (, sold out.)

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Prabal Gurung "Stay Woke" Tee

Photo: Bruce Glikas

Add "woke" to the Words of the Year list. Prabal Gurung showed a collection of T-shirts celebrating wokeness for fall 2017. (Sold out.)

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Jake Paul "God Like a Church" Tee

The video for Jake Paul's single, "It's Everyday Bro," has been viewed 160 million times and counting. It features the lyric, "I just dropped some new merch / and it's selling like a God church." (, $19.)

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Hillsong Tee

God was very en vouge this year, thanks in part to Hillsong, the hipster megachurch popular among Hollywood stars like Justin Bieber. (, $25.)

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Lil Yachty "Teenage Emotions" Merch

Everyone felt teenage emotions this year, even adults. (, $25.)

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Barron Trump's "The Expert" Tee

Photo: Pool

No one in the White House was spared fashion criticism this year, but when 11-year-old Barron Trump was taunted for his T-shirt, we could perhaps all agree that he was the exception. (, $30.)

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Lorde "Melodrama" Merch

Melodramatic blue was the new Millennial pink. (, $30.)

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O-Mighty "Furniture Hoe" Tee

Not only did Virgil Abloh announce an official collaboration with IKEA this year, but custom pieces inspired by the brand's iconic blue also surfaced online. (, $44.)

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Celine Dion's Balmain Tee

Photo: Marc Piasecki

Celine Dion remerged as a style icon this year at Paris Fashion Week with the help of her new stylist, Law Roach. (, $690.)

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Kendall + Kylie "Tribute" Tees

Kendall and Kylie Jenner unsurprisingly tried to ride the vintage merch wave this year with their own version of memorial tribute T-shirts. They recieved so much backlash online, however, that they were forced to discontinue them and issue an apology. (Unavailable.)

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Kendall Jenner's Crop Top

Kendall Jenner caused a fuss this year when she proved that a crop top can never be too cropped. (Seller unknown.)

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#Boycott Dolce & Gabbana Tee 

Dolce & Gabbana turned the protest tee trend on its head by milling political backlash into profit. (, $245.) 

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Vetements "Rammstein" Tee

Demna Gvasalia lead the Hot Topic comeback this year with a T-shirt featuring the German metal band Rammstein. (, $750.)

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Frank Ocean's "Why Be Racist?" Tee


Frank Ocean was hands-down the graphic T-shirt champion this year. His "Why be racist, sexist, homophopic, or transphobic when you could just be quiet?" tee said everything. (, $19.) 

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Issa Rae's "Hump" Shirt on Insecure

Issa Rae had so many good T-shirts on Insecure this season. This "Make America gyrate again" slogan felt particularly relevant. (Seller unknown.)

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Beyoncé "Black Magic" Tee

Beyoncé took her outfit Instagrams to the next level this year, before and after giving birth to twins. This particular post received over 8 million likes. (, $325.) 

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Urban Outfitters "NASA" Tee

Outer space was trending this year, from Chanel's rocket ship runway to Nike x Tom Sachs to this Urban Outfitters collection. You know it's a thing when Urban Outfitters adopts it. (, $38.)

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"The Mooch" Tee

Anthony Scaramucci posted this customized T-shirt on Instagram in the wake of his dramatic firing this summer. 

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Asahd Khaled's "Iconic" Tee

Even babies had their own merch this year, like DJ Khaled's son, who has over 1.7 million Instagram followers. 

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Off-White Princess Diana "Natural Woman" Tee

Diana mourners included designer Virgil Abloh, who showed a full collection inspired by her for Spring 2018. He also made this charitable tribute tee in her name. (Available spring 2018.)

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Hanes x Karla Tee

Even the plain white Hanes T-shirt got the fashion treatment this year. Celebrity stylist Karla Welch gave it a makeover. (, $30.) 

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Colin Kaepernick Jersey

When Colin Kaepernick started to gain attention for his decision to "take a knee," his jersey became some of the NFL's best-selling merchandise. (, $75.)

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Everlane "100% Human" Tee

Everlane hit mainstream popularity this year not only for its clothes (and charitable tees, like this one), but also for its "radical transparency." (, $22.)

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Carmen Yulín Cruz's "Help Us" Tee

After the hurricane hit Puerto Rico, San Juan's mayor used the T-shirt's viral potential to ask for help. (Via Twitter.)

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Telfar x White Castle Tee

Telfar Clemens was awarded the CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund prize this year for his innovative and unexpected styling, like this charitable tee. (, $91.)

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Juicy Couture "Classic" Tee

2017 looked and felt a lot like 2000, thanks in part to the revial of Juicy Couture. That's hot. (, $68.)

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Moschino "My Little Pony" Tee

Nostalgia was everywhere on the runways, but this shirt really took us back to the age of innocence. (, $250.)

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Helmut Lang "Concert" Tee

Helmut Lang was revived this year by editor-in-residence Isabella Burley and guest designer Shayne Oliver under a completely new company structure. (, $150.)

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Kith x nonnative "Clerk" Tee

Kith really, really wanted you to take it seriously this year. It made a pretty good case with an enormous runway show during New York Fashion Week and a new store in Soho. (, $238.)

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Louis Vuitton "Stranger Things" Tee

Photo: Catwalking

Creative director Anthony Vaccarello is just like us: a huge Stranger Things fan. (Available spring 2018.)

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Taylor Swift "Reputation" Merch

Taylor Swift arguably sucked all the fun out of merch this year when she used it to further her beef with Kanye West. (, $45.)

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Lil Peep "Cry Baby" Tee

Lil Peep, a rising star and leader of the crying-is-cool emo rap movement, died unexpectedly in November at the age of 21. New merch was made postumously. (, $20.)

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Noah "The Cure" Tee

Emo fashion perhaps peaked when this T-shirt dropped. (, $48.) 

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Barbra Kruger "(Untitled)" Performa Tee

Artist Barbra Kruger poked some fun at the “ridiculous clusterfuck of totally uncool jokers” she once called Supreme, with these limited-edition T-shirts. (, $50.)

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iPhone Glitch Tee

Apple screwed up big time when it launched iOS 11 with a bug that turned the letter "I" into an incomprehensible symbol. (Artwork by Eric Lawrence.) 

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Justin Bieber Wearing John Mayer Merch


John Mayer made a comeback this year with his album The Search for Everything. Apparently, great minds think alike. (More John Mayer merch can be found here.)

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Monogram x Madewell "T-Shirt About Women" Tee

Well, here's where we're at. 


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