Beyoncé Also Does Her Christmas Shopping at Target

Beyoncé. Photo: Brad Barket / Stringer/2016 Getty Images

Maybe you’d imagine that Beyoncé, the highest-paid woman in music and queen of everything extra, would not shop among the commoners to find her stocking stuffers. Thanks to Twitter, we now have proof that Beyoncé, like the rest of us, goes to Target. Yes, she goes wearing track pants, a tight black top, and a leather backpack, but she still goes and that’s what is important here.

Bey was pictured with her mom, Tina, and one of her children (most likely Blue Ivy). Needless to say, her fans are now planning pilgrimages to the San Clemente Target. Enjoy your early present, Beyhive.

Beyoncé Proves She Is Just Like Us by Shopping at Target