this party had everything

I Love Parties With Caroline Vreeland!

Caroline Vreeland! Photo: Charles Roussel/BFA

Welcome to This Party Had Everything, our recap of the wildest or most beautiful party look from last night.

This party had everything: stone ruins, couture, elaborate headpieces … and look who just walked in, is that a Martian gladiator? No, it was Caroline Vreeland wearing a silver top that looked like half a disco ball! Plus, if you like Renaissance influences, she wore it with a corset and a midi skirt. She wore this inventive look at the Chance Encounters III exhibit opening hosted by Loewe at their Miami store. I love parties!

The second-best look of the night belonged to Loewe designer Jonathan Anderson, who rocked a pair of drawstring pants and a blue button-down shirt — innovative! Is it even a fashion party if there isn’t a drastically underdressed man wandering around the peacocks with great orange hair? Other sartorial highlights, in addition to Vreeland’s space-age ensemble, included a red-and-white headdress that evoked Frida Kahlo (paired with a lip print dress), a very sparkly black beret embellished in gold, and a fringe fur cape … or just a fringe fur coat worn as a cape. Who’s to say.

Partygoers chit-chatted and looked at the ruins, black-and-white photography, and Loewe dresses. The exhibit, “Chance Encounters III,” is on view at Loewe until February 4 and features artists Sara Flynn, Richard Smith, and photography by Lionel Wendt, a pianist and photographer who took photos of his native Sri Lanka. At the party, waiters passed around fruit kebabs that were hopefully followed by copious amounts of Champagne.

This Party Had Everything: Caroline Vreeland!