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Writer of the Viral Short Story ‘Cat Person’ Scores a Tasty Treat: A 7-Figure Book Deal

Meow. Photo: Image by Catherine MacBride/Getty Images

The meowing over “Cat Person” continues. In a move that feels like a Girls subplot, Kristen Roupenian, the debut writer of The New Yorker’s viral short story about online dating, has scored a book deal. Based on the success of “Cat Person,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, Simon & Schuster imprint Scout Press has offered Roupenian a two-book deal. The first will be the short-story collection You Know You Want This (a title that is curiously not already a Taylor Swift song), and the other book will be a novel. Scout Press was in a bidding war that reportedly cost more than $1 million. You Know You Want This will “explore the complex — and often dark and funny — connections between gender, sex, and power, across genres.” Expect your feed to erupt over the collection when it’s released in spring 2019.

‘Cat Person’ Writer Scores 7-Figure Book Deal