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I Love Parties With Diplo!

Diplo! Photo: Carl Timpone/ Timpone/

Welcome to This Party Had Everything, our recap of the wildest or most beautiful party look from last night.

This party had everything: large gold mirrors, more mirrors in the shape of the United States, a giant penny-farthing … and look who just walked in, is that a Florida dad? No, it was Diplo wearing a supermarket-chain sweatshirt! Normcore from the grocery store Publix! Plus, if you like Jeremy Scott, he was there in a hat with the brim flipped so far up it almost looked like a tiara. They partied together at ICA Miami and W Magazine’s private dinner on Tuesday. I love parties!

Selma Blair! Photo: Madison/ McGaw/

Runner up for best look (because you can never have too many) goes to Selma Blair at the presentation of actress and artist Tara Subkoff’s performance piece Synaptic Fatigue/Deer in the Headlights. Blair screamed and wept wearing a black leotard, tights, and red nail polish — all in the name of raising awareness about sexual harassment. The leotard and tights ensemble is very reminiscent of Warhol’s famed party-girl muse Edie Sedgwick, but the event itself was even more important: Subkoff, who has accused Harvey Weinstein of harassment, asked 17 women cast for the performance to think of a moment when they were abused by a man, and to hold onto that emotion for an hour throughout the art piece. So here’s the thing: At Art Basel this week, you could walk into a chic dinner with influencers in nice midi skirts, but also stumble upon a powerful, politically charged gathering of women. Super meaningful. I love parties!

I Love Parties With Diplo!