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Gift of the Day: A Mystical Candle

The Cut’s Advent Calendar Gift Guide: Counting down to Christmas with one guaranteed-to-please gift idea under $100 every day.

For the holidays, everyone’s favorite expensive French fragrance brand Diptyque teamed up with artist Philippe Baudelocque, who’s known for his chalk and constellation drawings, to create special trio of candles. They’re so popular that you’re limited to buying three at a time and many are sold out, but it’s still possible to get our favorite, the phoenix-themed Incense Tears.

The holder depicts a gold phoenix flying over a nest of laurels and leaves. The wax is sky blue (it’s the color of immortality, duh) and the scent is a mix of rich cinnamon and myrrh. Get it for someone obsessed with the phoenix mythology from Harry Potter. Or splash out and buy the trio, which also includes an orange dragon and green unicorn candle.

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Gift of the Day: A Mystical Candle