A Dog (the Animal) Got Loose During Cats (the Musical)

The cats of Cats. Photo: Matthew Murphy

On December 30, the Cats Broadway revival will close — tragic news for anyone who loves watching humans dressed as giant feral cats engage in campy song and dance for over two hours. But before that day, something momentous happened, something that not even Old Deuteronomy has seen in all of his days: a dog got loose during Cats.

“Page Six” reports that a source tells them that at a recent performance, a service dog ran away from its owner during the opening number — “Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats” — and tried to chase the character Bombalurina. An usher grabbed the dog quickly and returned him before he could fully disrupt the musical (which would’ve been awesome).

A spokesperson for Cats said, “In the storied history of Cats, this is the first time one of the actual cats was involved in an incident with a dog.”

But hopefully not the last.

A Dog (the Animal) Got Loose During Cats (the Musical)