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Please Gaze Upon These Decadent, Sparkly Jewels

Marilyn says you should. Photo: 20th Century-Fox.

Peeling back a neatly wrapped present to reveal a pair of perfect shoes ranks high on our Christmas morning fantasies. What’s even better? Opening a velvet box with something sparkly and exceedingly decadent. From a starburst diamond ring to yards of rubies, our favorite dream gifts are shamelessly over-the-top — the stuff of Real Housewives franchises. So take a moment from panic shopping for last minute holiday presents and ogle some of the season’s most spectacular jewelry.

The Star of Your Ring Tray

This is literally supposed to mimic a supernova, albeit covered in diamonds.

Because Hoops Are Having a Year

And nothing is impressive as giant ones heavily studded with diamonds.

When Red Is Your Power Color

Photo: T|Tiffany & Co. Studio

It doesn’t get more impressive than a chain full of gleaming rubies.

The Red Carpet–Worthy Earrings

Photo: NMJPhotograpahy

These eye-catching danglers made from pink sapphires are made to be worn with an equally as dramatic gown.

Because You Appreciate a Good Stack

These two rings neatly nest into one another in a very satisfying way.

The Black-Tie Stunner

For the discriminating gala attendee, this is an especially striking one-of-a-kind gigantic tourmaline necklace.

The Classic Watch

When all you want is something elegant, classic, and decidedly lacking a touch screen.

For the Art Collector

Photo: © Van Cleef & Arpels

These circular creations aren’t your standard diamond earrings and that’s precisely the point.

Because You Love a Surprise

With a twist, this bracelet reveals a secret watch face.

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Please Gaze Upon These Decadent, Sparkly Jewels