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The Perfect Winter 2017 Accessory Is This Giant Scarf

If you’ve been searching for the one winter accessory that communicates both “I love to be cozy” and “I hate interacting with people,” your day has come. Bulgarian knitwear brand Dukyana is selling a chunky knit scarf that’s basically an eight-foot-long mohair tube that you can hide in.

The “chunky mohair tube” — which retails for $280 and comes in four colors — is ideal for any and all life situations. Are you stuck in a conversation you don’t want to be in at your office holiday party? Just retreat into the tube. Did you read news and feel overwhelmed at the horrors of the world all before breakfast? Into the tube you go. Is your significant other very reasonably asking you to pitch in with cleaning the apartment when you’re clearly busy bingeing The Good Wife in a catatonic state? Tube time!

A similar style, the “huge mohair tube,” is $220 and also seems optimal for retreating into a womblike state.

Should you want to reap the benefits of being swaddled by a giant piece of knitwear, but with access to your arms and hands, Dukyana has an entire huge-sweaters section aptly named “huge sweaters.” (There are also, uh, sexier options for the summer months.)

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The Perfect Winter 2017 Accessory Is This Giant Scarf