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Here’s What Glossier Is Offering for the Holidays

If you’re hoping for a flash of millennial pink bubble wrap under a Christmas tree, here’s what you can anticipate. Glossier has some new gift sets for the holiday, that are bundling some of their most-loved and popular products. You can still order these now to arrive in time for the holidays — and shipping is even free over $30!

The Rosy Cheek Set

You get a full artist’s paintbox with this set of Cloudpaint, the brand’s sheer, easily buildable cheek tints. These are great because a little bit easily diffuses with very little patting to become a pretty hint of blush. There are four colors: Beam, a coral, Puff, a cooler-toned pink, Haze, a bright berry pink, and Dusk, a brown-based nude. Unleash your inner cheek artist — this kit gives you $17 in savings.

The Soft Lip Set

Glossier’s Balm Dot Com all-purpose hydrating salve is the new Bonne Bell Lip Smacker of our time. You can build your collection now starting with this kit which allows you to pick and choose three of your favorites. Choose from among six different flavors including cherry, coconut, rose, original, mint, and the newest and sparkliest — the funfetti-inspired birthday cake.

The Skin-Care Basics Set

This set contains three things you need everyday: a moisturizer, face wash, and lip balm. The Milky Jelly cleanser is the affordable cashmere of face washes, and the Priming Moisturizer is a dupe of the French drugstore favorite, Embryolisse. Finish with a bit of fancy lip balm salve (this kit saves you $12).

The Makeup Basics Set

Out of all the makeup options in the infinite universe of Sephora, Ulta, Amazon, and other places where lipstick is sold, this is a kit containing things you reach for everyday. Inside you’ll find Glossier’s best-selling product, Boy Brow, its tinted brow gel, the brand’s Stretch Concealer, and their matte lip stain (which also made a cameo in the 50 Shades Darker movie).

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Here’s What Glossier Is Offering for the Holidays