13 Pairs of Flashy, Festive Heels Under $200

The holiday party season is the one time of year when it’s practically mandatory to get a little crazy with your clothes. If sequins or gigantic earrings aren’t your style, why not try a fun pair of heels? Whether you want to extend the sparkle all the way down to your toes or add some fluff to your outfit, you don’t need to spend a ton on fancy-looking shoes. We found the best pairs for under $200 — and, in some cases, for even less. Scroll ahead to shop our favorites.

The Best Under-$100 Find

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In shades like black, gray, and millenial pink, these fluffy sandals not only look good, they also have a very manageable 3” heel.

When You Really Love Christmas

Can’t get any more festive than giant bows on your feet.

The Sturdy Ones

Chunky block heels are thankfully very much in style right now, and the rhinestones make them feel extra-special.

The Ones You’ll Wear Year Round

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Shiny silver with a tinsel-like detail on the heel looks appropriate for January or July.

If You’re Not Into Glitter

Fluffy pom-poms on your toes are just as striking.

If Comfort Is Key

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While not quite as good as slippers, these offer height without pain.

The Fancy Look-Alike

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Can’t justify nearly $1,000 for designer heels? Here’s a version that’s a fraction of the cost.

The Unexpected Choice

Hot pink rhinestone ankle boots aren’t for everyone, but that’s precisely the point. Treat them like the star of the show and keep your pants simple and skinny.

If You Like a Subtle Sparkle

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Gold-and-black sequins mixed together will shine just as merrily in your Kira Kira app, but you won’t feel too glaringly bright.

The Luxurious-Looking Pair

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The easiest way to fool someone into thinking your shoes cost a ton? Rich fabrics in lush tones like this navy velvet.

Because Your Shoes Are the Star of Your Outfit


Cherry red topped off with a dramatic rhinestone detail make this the ultimate statement shoe.

For the Minimalist


When all you wear is head-to-toe black, emerald green is as flashy as you’ll get.

Because You Love a Weird Heel

While it might not be as kooky as an elephant, this sculptural marble shape is just different enough to set it apart from your other sandals.

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13 Pairs of Flashy, Festive Heels Under $200