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Jennifer Lawrence’s Dog Bleakly Resigns Self to Hanging Out With Darren Aronofsky Again

Jennifer Lawrence, Pippi Lawrence-Stocking, Darren Aronofsky. Photo:

Earlier this week, actress Jennifer Lawrence, 27, and director Darren Arofonsky, 48, were spotted hanging out again in New York a month after their breakup. While much was made about the potential meaning of this meeting, far less attention was paid to the crucial third party present: Jennifer Lawrence’s dog, Pippi Lawrence-Stocking.

Pippi, like all dogs, appears to be a faithful and loyal companion to her owner. She was there throughout the relationship, she was there after the split, and she’s here now, though she lacks the verbal ability to say “girl, what are you doing?”

But what she lacks in human speech she makes up for in facial expressions and, going by this stare, this dog has seen some shit.

“Not again.” Photo:

Look on the bright side, Pippi: there may soon be way more newsboy caps to chew on.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Dog Bleakly Resigns Self to This Reunion