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Jennifer Lopez Hosted a Taco Party in Sequins

Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez at Taco Wednesday. Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/kimksnapchats

On Wednesday night, the always-glamorous Jennifer Lopez hosted a taco party at her home with romantic texter Alex Rodriguez — while wearing a sequined Gucci outfit, naturally.

Kim Kardashian was there and, of course, posted the whole affair on Snapchat. “Who else would host a Taco Wednesday in this outfit? This gorgeous girl,” the reality star is heard saying in one snap, as J.Lo shows off her Resort 2018 attire (in front of a buffet of taco fillings).

Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Leah Remini, and other close J.Lo friends and family were also there, of course. We assume our invites were lost in the mail.

Jennifer Lopez Hosted a Taco Party in Sequins