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Calabasas Is Kim Kardashian West’s Runway

“I’m up early and might spam you guys with these Yeezy looks that I love,” Kim Kardashian West casually tweeted on Monday morning, causing a Twitter firestorm with the stream of photos that followed.

Kardashian West has spent the past week sharing photos of her husband Kanye West’s mysterious Yeezy Season 6 collection on Instagram. But this new series revealed even more looks, which were styled by Carine Roitfeld and shot in their California neighborhood of Calabasas.

“I love Calabasas for being my runway,” Kardashian West said in another tweet.

While these photos have a sarcastic sense of humor to them, their impact is very real. Not only is Kanye West further popularizing a new kind of Americana, which we can now call “Calabasas casual,” but he’s also disrupting the Fashion Week calendar by using his megafamous wife to share a digital lookbook seemingly whenever she feels like it.

By using the street as his runway, with down-to-earth captions like, “getting gas” and “FedEx run,” West is essentially saying he doesn’t need the elitist industry that excluded him for so long. He’s doing things on his own terms, and reaching the people that matter — approximately 57.4 million of them — in the process.

“That’s most of the Yeezy Season 6 looks,” Mrs. West concluded. “There’s a few i didn’t post bc i can’t find them in my phone.”

We’re still waiting on the “Tampax run.” Below, our favorites.

Calabasas Is Kim Kardashian West’s Runway