Kim Kardashian West Finally Reveals Yeezy Season 6

Throughout the spring 2018 fashion shows this September, everybody wanted to know if and when Yeezy Season 6 was happening. Based on Kanye West’s history, it could have been on an island, in Madison Square Garden, in another country, or nowhere at all. Either way, editors and buyers were ready to drop their plans at a moment’s notice should the time come. They’d already been to hell and back once before, and they surely would have done it again (no matter what they angrily tweeted at the time.)

Despite numerous rumors, including one that suggested the New York Fashion Week show couldn’t have been canceled because it was never going to happen in the first place, Yeezy Season 6 failed to surface. Until now.

On Instagram, West’s wife Kim Kardashian West finally confirmed this week that she’s been modeling the collection in recent paparazzi photos. According to reports, she wore nine different outfits in one day, debuting skin-tight leggings, biking shorts, bandeau tops, and zip-ups, plus dad hats and sunglasses. This is not the first time Kardashian West has revealed Kanye West’s pieces, including his Yeezy sneakers with Adidas, but this stunt was on whole other level. Who needs Fashion Week when you’re married to the most photographed, PR-savvy woman in the world?

Now, we’ve got another question: Do Instagram likes and comments count as reviews?

Kim Kardashian West Finally Reveals Yeezy Season 6