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Meet the 25-Year-Old Who Just Won a Meghan Markle Look-alike Contest

Lukwesa Morin. Photo: Courtesy of Facebook/lukwesa.morin

Many of us would settle for being recognized simply as a person who was once in the same place as Meghan Markle at different times (we were both at the Toronto airport in 2017, can you believe it?). But one 25-year-old grad student is getting recognized for actually looking like the California queen — to the extent that she even won an online look-alike contest for it.

Lukwesa Morin, a grad student at Johns Hopkins University, recently won a Markle look-alike contest from (of course). Speaking with Yahoo Style, Morin said,“I’ve been told I look like her ever since she began starring in Suits. I’ve been mistaken for her a couple of times as I’m walking down the street or in any public places. This has been going on for two years now.”

The newly crowned Markle look-alike is 11 years younger than the soon-to-be-royal, but is mixed raced just like the actress, and says she likewise has a passion for entertainment and humanitarian work.

“I agree that I do have a striking resemblance to her,” she said. “I sat and examined her features one day and realized that there are very similar attributes. I don’t think I’m identical, but have very similar prominent features.”

Hopefully, this means she’ll get to re-create Markle and Prince Harry’s perfume-ad engagement photos.

Meet a 25-Year-Old Who Won Meghan Markle Look-alike Contest