Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of December 11

Photo-Illustration: The Push Pose

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Mercury is still retrograde this week, and the moon will pass through Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius as it wanes. Maybe you’ll feel a stillness inside, in the middle of all the world’s motion, or a quiet sorrow in the middle of your city’s busy noise. Maybe you’ll feel a clear warm light in the middle of the worst kind of darkness.

Aries: You’ve been putting in the work, these past few weeks, and you might begin to see doors opening. You might begin to see new paths appear that weren’t there before. You’re becoming braver every day, and still it’s okay not to feel certainty all the time. Success isn’t a place where you’ll never feel doubt again.

Taurus: It’s overwhelming, sometimes, thinking of everything that doesn’t last forever. It’s overwhelming, sometimes, to think of the thin crust of ice on the puddles and lakes, hardening and melting, again and again. Change keeps happening around you, and it happens inside you, too. It isn’t too late to carry yourself with the fearlessness you wish for. It isn’t too late to let the fire inside you burn.

Gemini: Your body is wise, and it carries knowledge and memories broader and deeper than what you have space for in your thoughts. This week, just remember that you don’t always have to heed everything it tells you. You don’t always need to listen to the fear of inadequacy that prickles across your skin. Your body is wise, but sometimes it tries to protect you from your own courage.

Cancer: It’s valuable, sometimes, to listen to voices other than your own. There’s magic in letting the world speak to you, and letting other people’s ideas fill the world with colors you haven’t seen before. Still, this week, you can trust your own mind, too. You can’t know everything in the whole world but you do know your own life deeply. Trust the compass you already have.

Leo: If the black of the night feels endless, if the chill in the sky feels like it could slice you in half, it’s okay to seek the warmth you need. It’s okay to cover yourself in a blanket and turn on a song that sounds like safety. It’s okay to seek the people whose love for you is gentle and good. You don’t have to write a whole defense of your longing, or your body’s need for softness.

Virgo: You don’t have to follow every change in the wind, or every curve in the path, or every variation in the noise of the street. When the world bends and shakes, you don’t always have to let yourself be bent and shaken. You already know to survive and adapt. This week, just remind yourself that you can shift and morph on your own terms.

Libra: It isn’t easy, working with incomplete information. It isn’t easy to live, not knowing everyone who’s walked on this ground before you, or the words to all the songs that play in all the houses on your street. You can’t fill every single gap, and you don’t need to. This week, the trick is to keep feeling your body in once piece, even as you walk through the empty spaces.

Scorpio: There’s space this week to keep working, quietly. Maybe the streets hum with motion all around you, maybe thousands of voices buzz in the air, and still it doesn’t matter. You can keep moving forward toward a brightness only you can see. You’re light on your feet, and you’re moving swiftly, quietly. Inside you, there’s a place as quiet as snow, as hushed as the pink dawn.

Sagittarius: Just because you can feel the sun touching your skin, don’t assume everyone else can feel it, too. There’s some vulnerability, maybe, but no shame in striving to make yourself clear to the world. There’s no shame in doing the work of living among other people. You’re weirder and wiser than you think, and it’s a gift to invite other people into your world.

Capricorn: This week, you might notice your emotions going unrecognized by other people. The fury that feels hot as an oven to you might slide through the room unnoticed. Your desire, deep as a lake inside you, might look like nothing at all to other people. It’s so easy to feel this as a judgment, like these moments reflect some sorry truth about yourself, but they don’t. It isn’t your job to be easily known.

Aquarius: There are so many ways the world keeps trying to mold you, so many powers trying to squeeze you until you’re small, but you don’t have to be what other people want you to be. You don’t have to make yourself impressive or imposing, and you don’t have to make yourself sweet or simple, either. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to be kind, just that the path you’re on is a strange and a brave one. It’s okay if you’re still learning the rules here.

Pisces: Even you can sometimes be seized by a desire to run far away from this place. Even you can sometimes be seized by a desire to become invisible, allowed to live your life unknown and unseen and unbound to anyone but yourself. This week, you don’t have to leave your town, or leave all your love behind you. But if you find yourself wanting quiet, it’s okay to seek it out. It’s okay to spend time alone if you need it.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of December 11