Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of December 25

Photo-Illustration: The Push Pose

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The sun is now in Capricorn, and early this morning, Venus entered Capricorn. Saturn is in Capricorn, too, and the days are getting longer again. This week, the strength in your thoughts can become strength in your body. Your dreams can turn into plans, or your desires can turn into a strange, steady love.

Aries: Someday, you’ll look back and imagine you can see a line connecting your whole life, all the work that you’ve done today to the future you’ve built. For now, though, it’s still impossible to see what comes next. From here, nothing feels linear and nothing feels easy, and this is where the real sweetness happens. This week is for the work you do when you don’t know the answers yet.

Taurus: Sorrow can’t stop you from trying, and fear can’t stop you from carrying on, and even an unwieldy joy can’t keep you from being brave enough to keep going. You don’t have to feel unconflicted about your human body here on earth. You don’t have to create some fresh theory that makes it feel sweet and good to be alive right now. If you have a goal, you can slowly move toward it, and that’s enough.

Gemini: It can be harder to believe in your own goodness when it’s this dark in the morning. These are the times when it’s most difficult to believe that your generosity is vital and true, but it is. You’re just doing your best to make it through these days, the same as anybody else, but you have enough light left in you to share it.

Cancer: It’s so easy, this time of year, to focus on the darkness of the night and the shortness of the afternoon. Maybe there’s ice clouding your window, or maybe there’s gray light outside. Maybe you miss your old friends, or maybe you miss the person you used to be. But remember, you’re traveling fast around the sun; it’s okay to look backward.

Leo: The whole world is crowded, and the seas grow warmer, and it seems wild to imagine that in the middle of all this, there’s still value in your own life, that there’s still a reason for staying accountable to yourself. But it’s no small thing to really be responsible for your life here on our big shared planet. This work matters, as much as anything else.

Virgo: There’s one kind of hope that blooms in the space of dreams, but there’s a hope that blooms here on the ground, too. There’s the future that lives in your head, shimmering golden on the horizon, but there’s an earthier, dirtier future, too. Idealism doesn’t only have to live in the faraway future. You can find the hope in the practical, everyday work of building a world.

Libra: Green life can grow in the cracks in the sidewalk, and moss can stay green and alive all winter long. Loneliness can live even in the middle of the best, brightest days, and there’s nothing wrong with you for feeling it when it arrives. There’s nothing wrong with you for wanting more than what you’ve been given. There’s nothing wrong with continuing to dream, even when the news seems bleak.

Scorpio: Sometimes you want to be unforgiving, you want to be merciless, you want to wield power like the crashing ocean, vast and blue and inescapable. There’s a feeling of exhilaration in this kind of power, and it can be valuable to let yourself feel your fury in its full ecstatic strength. Still, this week, leave space for other people to surprise you. Leave space for them to change their minds, to come back in from the cold again.

Sagittarius: With a mind as sharp as yours, it can be easier to tell stories about how the world might change than to see it for what it already is. It can be easier to deal with your own notions of the world, rather than to sit back and wait while the world shows you its true shape. But the color of the sky changes every day. This week, try not to jump to conclusions. Try to simply look.

Capricorn: Go outside this week just to wonder at the world. It’s amazing, after everything we’ve been through this year, that the trees are still making wood, and the sky is still making snow and rain, and the lakes still hold water and life. There is no shame in admitting that you don’t know what comes next. If you can remember that things haven’t always been this way, then you can remember that the world is still in motion, and change is possible, even now.

Aquarius: There are matters of urgency in the world, and there are tasks that must be done right now. And still, try to remember this week, that you don’t have to move so quickly all the time. Some work can’t be rushed. You’re growing into yourself even now, and you can’t know yet what the outcome of all this growth is going to be. There’s so little you can really give yourself, but you can grant yourself some time.

Pisces: Among all the loss this year has brought, and all the pain you’re still moving through, it’s easy to lose sight of the powers you still possess. You’ve learned so much about yourself, and you’ve learned so much about the difficulty of the world. This week, remember that no matter what else there is, you still have the power of refusal. When anything else feels impossible, you can still reject cruelty. Buried in your refusal will be some kind of quiet affirmation, too, a belief that there can be something better than this.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of December 25