Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of December 4

Photo-Illustration: The Push Pose

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Mercury retrograde started yesterday, which means you might feel a shift in your vision, or a shift in the terrain you move through. On Saturday, Mars moves into Scorpio. What depths, then, will you feel drawn to?

Aries: This week, something in your life that’s been static might leap into motion again. The emotions you thought were settled might expand. The sorrow or rage you thought you knew best can shift and become unpredictable. You already know how to live in the life you have now, but this week, you might feel something inside you cracking open.

Taurus: This week, as you push toward freedom, try not to hold so tightly to your own comfort. As you work to build a world made of safety and love, what would you be willing to let go of? You don’t have to lose everything that makes life feel sweet or soft, but new worlds can open up when you imagine what you’d be willing to live without. What isn’t serving you anymore?

Gemini: The choices in front of you might feel particularly urgent this week, as though the rest of your life hangs on what happens in this moment. It can be easy to feel a heaviness in the air, a pressure in your guts, like time is growing short or slipping away. Try to remember that this feeling won’t last forever.

Cancer: Sometimes there’s such joy in just letting other people live, strangely and wildly and well, all around you. Sometimes there’s such comfort in looking up to the wide sky and the faraway moon. How wonderful it is that so much of the world can remain mysterious to you. How wonderful it is that after all this, you can live your own life without remorse or apology.

Leo: This week, when you’re faced with the world’s punishing greed, you can fight it, or you can escape it, or you can explode it. There’s a love glowing inside you, bright enough to light a path forward, hot enough to get you through the winter.  If your courage grows larger than your fear, how will this change the way you move?

Virgo: In a moment of great bravery, there’s a sweet wild rush that overtakes you; it’s a feeling that sparkles like the ocean, that glows as gold as honey. Remember that you’re allowed to rest, after you’ve given so much of yourself. You’re allowed to pause and watch as the world quietly rearranges itself in response to your gift.

Libra: This is a week for feeling your own softness, for honoring the tenderness that hides deep inside you. Sometimes it can feel like a warm blanket, and sometimes it can feel like a burden that holds you down. Some emotion feels like wool, and some feels like water, and some feels like cold metal on your skin. How will you live with your unbearable gentleness?

Scorpio: When the world goes dark around you, you don’t have to let it make you defensive; you don’t have to let it wring out all your goodness. There can be an impulse to wind your way through shadows, as though staying unseen will protect you from harm. This week, remember all the love in your world. Remember you don’t have to live behind walls to be safe.

Sagittarius: This week, you don’t have to work so hard at understanding and diagramming your own magic. It doesn’t really matter why your heart beats the way it does. There’s a pleasure in analysis, but there’s a different kind of pleasure in finally letting your truest self move. Let your body move in the way that feels best, in the way this landscape calls forth in you.

Capricorn: You might feel some kind of pressure this week to make yourself likable, to make yourself simple, to twist yourself into another shape. Remember that you don’t have to do it, because you don’t have to be loved by everyone. Practice holding your ground. It’s a skill you’ve learned before, and one you’ll keep learning, again and again.

Aquarius: Even now, your goodness can grow bigger than it’s ever been before. You’ve been wrong before, and sometimes being wrong about yourself isn’t so bad. You’ve caused harm in the world before, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck in this place. Whatever you think you are, and whatever you’ve been told — it isn’t the whole truth.

Pisces: All these long and grinding days might be wearing on you. Your strength might feel depleted, your energy worn down to a small, shabby thing. This is a week for finding strength again, for finding a courage that makes your body warm. This is a week for rekindling your belief in your own ability to survive this place.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of December 4