10 Major Moments in Fashion PR History

Chanel takes New York in 1991. Photo: Ron Galella/WireImage

Fashion PR is arguably at its best when you don’t notice it; when a show or a party goes so well, guests forget they’re technically at work.

But behind-the-scenes, men and women (usually dressed in all-black) have been working hard for decades to make sure everyone else has a good time. This month, KCD — a leading agency that represents everyone from Apple to Alexander Wang — is celebrating its 35th anniversary with a timeline of its most major success stories worldwide.

While they may seem like fun and games in the moment, fashion events require months of blood, sweat, and tears. First, the host has to find a date, time, and place. (Easier said then done, especially when you’re talking about the busy Fashion Week calendar.) Maybe the space requires an intricate set. Maybe there’s water involved. Maybe it’s in Brooklyn. Then, they’ve got to get people there — and keep them — oftentimes with the help of a celebrity guest (who will not arrive on time) or an art installation made of doughnuts.

When guests get home after a fashion event, happy, well-fed, and maybe a little tipsy, the work only continues for PR men and women, who’ve then got to roundup images, write tip-sheets, and send a million more emails. If there’s good press, great. If not, they’ve got many more hours of phone calls to clock in.

Somehow, KCD has pulled-off 35 years of good times. Here are some of the agency’s most memorable moments, from the time they brought Versace to America to Tommy Hilfiger’s fashion carnival.

10 Major Moments in Fashion PR History