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Your Guide to Staying In on New Year’s Eve

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Much like Halloween, going out on New Year’s Eve can be highly overrated. From the overpriced open-bar party (where you can’t even get a drink!) to the inevitable Uber surcharge at 2 a.m., it’s an expensive, crowded proposition. So it’s worth remembering that staying home can be just as fun — especially if you plan ahead. Read on for our checklist of everything you need for the best New Year’s Eve ever.

An Instagram-Worthy Backdrop

Hey, just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t take cute photos.

Cheap Champagne Glasses

Because a glass or three of bubbly is a must, but cleaning up broken glass is not.

If You’re Craving Something Stronger

Use this to mix up whatever your heart desires.

Pretty Plates for Snacks

Equally Pretty Cutlery


Disposable but impressive-looking.

Festive Hats

Yes, they’re cheesy — but they’ll look so good against your tinsel backdrop.

Good Speakers

Fun Party Games (Part One)

Jenga is a great crowdpleaser, especially when you’ve had a few drinks.

Fun Party Games (Part Two)

Based on spaghetti Westerns, this dice game is all about deception and forging deals. Within 20 minutes, expect everyone to be shouting at each other and having a blast.

Pretty Pajamas

This silky pair is perfect for the hostess who cares about her at-home look.

Cute Pajamas

Fuzzy Slippers

These come in multiple colors so they’ll match whatever you decide to wear.

A Cozy Throw

A Slinky Robe

Party of two? Maybe this is all you need to wear.

A Cozy Robe

Made with cashmere, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Something to Ring in Midnight

Sparklers are a nice touch when the clock strikes 12.

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Your Guide to Staying In on New Year’s Eve