News Anchor Responds on Air to a Viewer Who Sent Her a Racist Email

Sharon Reed.

When Atlanta news anchor Sharon Reed received a racist email from a viewer, she decided to broadcast that woman’s words on air and respond to them publicly.

The viewer, who goes by Kathy Rae, sent the email out on Tuesday, writing, “You need to be fired for the race baiting comment you made tonight. It’s o.k for blacks to discuss certain subjects but not whites … ” She then proceeded to call Reed the N-word twice, spelling it incorrectly both times.

After reading the email during Tuesday night’s CBS 46 broadcast, Reed addressed its contents.

“You mischaracterized what I said. I didn’t say that white people couldn’t talk about race, quite the contrary. We think that race is an authentic discussion to have,” she said.

“I think when arguing with somebody, you have to be careful not to mischaracterize their viewpoint so I won’t mischaracterize your viewpoint either, Kathy Rae,” Reed continued. “I get it: on December 5th, 2017, you think it’s okay to call this journalist a n—–. I don’t. I could clap back and say a few things to you. But instead I’ll let your words, Kathy Rae, speak for themselves. And that’ll be the last word.”

Watch full video of the segment, here:

News Anchor Responds to Viewer Who Sent Her a Racist Email