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Omarosa Starred in an Incomprehensible, Campy Short Film About Stealing Trump’s Hair

The star. Photo: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for NAACP Image Awa

While Omarosa Manigault was recently fired from the White House, she fortunately rules the universe in Soul Sistahs, a newly surfaced sci-fi short film that makes almost no sense at all. Thanks to the “pop-culture polymath” who sent the video to “Page Six,” we now have this ten-minute-long, totally bizarre video of Omarosa wearing vinyl clothing and riding a motorcycle, apparently on her way to steal Trump’s hair.

The plot is pretty incomprehensible, but at the beginning of the film, Omarosa asserts that her mission is to get “the hair of Donald Trump,” in what “Page Six” deduces to be a get-rich-quick scheme. The film was made by former In Touch Weekly photo director Michael Todd, tabloid veteran Matt Coppa, and Andrew Coppa, in 2006 — two years after Omarosa skyrocketed to fame (and this galaxy?) after appearing on The Apprentice.

Come for the image of Omarosa swinging a flail, stay for her screaming, “I will rule the universe.”

Omarosa Starred in a Campy Sci-Fi Short Film