Female Police Captain Suspended for Saying Man Had ‘White Male Privilege’

Captain Carri Weber. Photo: Scripps Media, Inc

Captain Carri Weber has been put on paid administrative leave from the Plainfield, Indiana Police De`partment after telling a colleague that he had “white male privilege,” the Washington Post reports.

Weber made the comment during a November 1 training seminar about how police should work with transgender community members, when her colleague, a white man, began questioning the statistic that transgender individuals are 3.32 percent more likely to be the victims of police violence.

“My wife has never been part of police violence,” he said. “Most of the people that I know have never been, accused the police of violence. So I guess I don’t get where that statistic comes from.” (The statistics came from a 2012 report by the LGBTQ advocacy group, the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs.)

“It’s your white male privilege, so you wouldn’t know,” Weber responded.

As the crowd became increasingly agitated, the Police Chief said to “keep it safe and professional.”

“Chief, you gonna let them get away with that? Seriously? I’m asking a legitimate question here, and I’m getting talked white privilege? Are you serious? I find that extremely offensive,” the white male officer shouted.

The officer filed a complaint against Weber on November 10 in which he said: “I was racially and sexistly slurred by Captain Carri Weber while I was asking a question of the instructor in training. […] There is no place in the Plainfield Police administration or supervision for someone who holds and espouses her discriminatory views.”

Weber was placed on administrative leave six days later, and on December 7, the Plainfield police department will vote to decide her future.

Watch a video of the bewildering exchange below.

Police Captain Suspended for ‘White Male Privilege’ Comment