SNL Has the Perfect Gift for Your Wife to Prove You Know Basic Facts About Her Life

The holidays are a great time of the year for a man to show his partner that he knows very basic details about her life, e.g., she works as a nurse, she likes to drink alcoholic beverages, or she orders a venti coffee from Starbucks every morning. In this festive Saturday Night Live commercial, Kate McKinnon feigns happiness when her husband gives her a coffee-cup-shaped charm — as in a charm for a charm bracelet — from Pandora, the jewelry brand that takes one little fact about your wife and turns it into a charm. It’s not quite the motorcycle that she got him, but hey, it was so sweet of him to notice that she drinks coffee! And at least she didn’t get her husband a threesome for Christmas as did Cecily Strong, who only got a pink-dress charm that may or may not be for Breast Cancer Awareness Month — her husband wasn’t quite sure.

These men could’ve made their wives genuinely happy had they checked out this advent calendar of holiday gifts instead.

SNL Finally Found the Gift No Woman Wants