merry christmas

Gift-Wrapped Package Addressed to Steve Mnuchin Was Filled With Horse Poop

Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin.
Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin. Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin received a literally shitty present last night when a Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad responded to a suspicious package addressed to the real-life Bond villain. Turns out the only thing explosive about the package was its stench, as it was filled to the brim with horse poop. Merry Christmas!

According to KTLA, the Christmas-paper-wrapped package showed up on Mnuchin’s block in Bel-Air with a return address of “the American people.” Inside the present, police also discovered a Christmas card, which was presumably covered in feces. While the card’s exact words have not yet been disclosed, the New York Post reports that it made negative references to Donald Trump, Mnuchin himself, and the Republican tax bill.

After police determined that the package contained poop, not a bomb, it was swiftly removed from the scene. This post will be updated as police release additional information.

Steven Mnuchin Got a Box of Horse Poop for Christmas